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Contact Us

For Customer Service Assistance On Existing Orders Or Login Help

Email Us: customerservice@ticketsatwork.com
Toll Free: 1-800-331-6483
Local/International: 407-393-5862

HR Managers

For more information about how to offer the TicketsatWork program for your employees please call our corporate office.

Email Us: companysignup@ticketsatwork.com
Call Us: 954-342-2900

Corporate Client Services

For participating clients, please contact our Client Services Department for immediate service.

Email Us: clientservices@ticketsatwork.com
Call Us: 954-342-2900

Entertainment & Travel Brands

For more information about how to offer your attraction, show, event, hotel, activity, product or service.

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TicketsatWork.com is a private program for employees of participating clients at select organizations. The program is not available to the general public. If you are interested in having your company participate in the program, please contact your Human Resources Department and suggest TicketsatWork - one of the most popular programs offered by employers of choice across the United States.