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Join over 40,000 corporate clients and 60 million users nationwide. TicketsatWork is the largest travel and entertainment Corporate Discount Program in the world.

  • Convenient access to hundreds of offers for theme parks, hotels, sporting events and shows
  • No cost to your organization or sales minimums
  • Customized marketing materials to promote to your employees
  • Multiple ordering options: online, by phone or in person
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* Due to contractual limitations, some companies may not be eligible to participate in this program. To ensure that all employees receive information regarding the program, we ask that only those company representatives, who directly handle employee benefits, enroll as the contact person. For example, Human Resources Representatives, Employee Benefits Managers, Communication Officers, EAC leaders, etc. If you are not in one of these departments or do not handle employee discounts, please click here and download an application form to bring to your Human Resource Department.